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Northern Ireland Food-To-Go Association response to general election results.

Following the general election results, the Northern Ireland Food-To-Go Association's chief executive and chairperson made the following statements:


Michael Henderson, Chief Executive:


"On behalf of the Northern Ireland Food To Go Association, we would like to congratulate Northern Ireland's newly elected members of Parliament.


We are looking forward to engaging with the new Prime Minister Keir Starmer and his cabinet alongside our sister organisation, the Independent Hospitality Alliance, to ensure small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the food-to-go sector across the UK remain a top priority."


Kiera Campbell, Chairperson: 

"We have seen a surge of innovation and diversification in the food-to-go market; it’s a growing industry that has greatly enhanced our reputation in Northern Ireland as a foodie destination. Our members of the NIFTGA are, however, facing many challenges right now, and it is vital that they get the necessary business support so they can continue to succeed and contribute to the growth of our economy." 

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